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Jeremy Bardo is a musician, anthropologist, translator, writer, poet and magician.

Jeremy Bardo is a musician, anthropologist, translator, writer, poet and magician.

Raised on the Kent Coast of Britain, he works and sings in both English and Spanish, having lived in Chile and Cuba.


He is now based in Malaga, Spain.

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Music Biography

At an early age Jeremy’s grandparents got him hooked on jazz and blues records and his Jamaican grandmother sang him old mento songs. Aged 10 he picked up a guitar and within a few months had formed a group and written his first song. Teenage years were spent DJing and experimenting with different instruments and genres.

His professional music career took off in the USA in 2012, working as a guitarist and singer six nights a week at the French Market in New Orleans. He has since performed in over a dozen countries, busking and gigging in pubs and bars under various names, and playing in music venues with cover bands.

He wrote the music score for the 2015 sold out variety show The War Against Boredom at The Astor Theatre in Kent. Following this he was chosen by Fatboy Slim to perform acoustic covers of his songs outside Oxford Circus, London, featuring in Fatboy Slim’s promotional material for the O2 Arena show.

In 2016 he was awarded Found In Music's Busk in London licence, and appeared live on Talk Radio with Jon Holmes. For the next three years he was a regular entertainer at care homes in London, leading singalongs with residents and staff.

In 2019 a writing assignment led him to Havana for a year, where he collaborated with Cuban musicians, including Athanai Castro. In 2020 he relocated to Spain and recorded his first album as a solo artist, Revive EP. It was released on July 16th 2021, along with a music video for the song Las Flores Se Abrirán.

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Interview with Jon Holmes on Talk Radio, 2016

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